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More than just the law

Whilst we practise the law with the highest level of sophistication, we always strive to offer practical and effective solutions, on time and within budget. We understand what clients need and address their expectations and motivations, always considering what may or may not be commercially and operationally feasible. We write and speak in plain English, offering advice that can be easily understood, adapted and acted upon by everyone in the team, from those on the ground, all the way up to the Board of Directors.

More than just legal support

We look at problems with a holistic approach rather than devising legal solutions in isolation. Our clients must deal with governance and compliance laws, rules and regulations and we take these into account when offering advice. We are used to working in different languages, across different business cultures and multiple time zones and can project-manage teams comprising of professionals with different backgrounds. We know how to support in-house legal teams in their delicate risk management role (and step into such role when advising clients without such teams) whilst always aiming to facilitate the business purpose.

Less of the usual costs

We deliberately maintain a nimble structure and lower cost base and as a result can offer alternative and flexible fee arrangements. Yet, we do not compromise on quality and can scale up when a matter demands it. We rely on a wide network of professional specialists across the globe to ensure we move fast when and where needed, providing support as one seamless team to ensure our clients successfully achieve their objectives.

None of the usual marketing

We do not maintain a marketing team but simply rely on client satisfaction to confirm the quality of the service we provide and to grow our business. There is no better reward than seeing longstanding clients continue to entrust us with their legal affairs and new clients discovering us daily through word of mouth.


years of international legal and operational experience


legal qualifications, in both common law and civil law jurisdictions


memberships to arbitration institutions in Europe, Asia and the USA


key industry sectors

More than just legal support

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