Forgione Law operates mainly but not exclusively in four key industry sectors



We act in the international marine transportation sector, with a primary focus on dry shipping. We advise and represent clients on pure shipping matters as well as on matters requiring a profound understanding of the interaction between the various elements at play in the carriage of goods by sea (transportation, sale, finance and insurance).

We are used to supporting shipowners, charterers, operators and pool managers with owning, operating and technically or commercially managing ships of various types. We therefore have experience of looking at matters and disputes from multiple angles.

We are familiar with the process of ordering and financing new buildings as well as buying and selling second-hand tonnage.



We act in the international sale of goods, particularly energy commodities, and advise and represent clients in their related freight business. We are well-versed with the commodity supply chain and the legal and operational problems associated with it, having gained first-hand industry experience working in-house with commodity traders, shipping and marine logistics groups.



We have dealt with various stages of the energy value chain, including exploration and production, particularly with regards to disputes in connection with joint operating agreements.

Aside from fossil fuels, we also have experience with respect to a variety of renewable energy technologies and actively monitor the development of environmental law and the regulatory implications of climate change, also from a corporate governance perspective.



We have dealt with the acquisition of mining rights and the drafting of off-take contracts and various forms of marketing and agency arrangements. We are familiar with the challenges faced by investors in developing mining projects in emerging countries and can assist with logistics and infrastructure projects, particularly in the area of marine transhipment.

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